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Dear lecturers, dear participants in a continuing education program,

thank you for your interest in this survey!

The increased use of digital and innovative technologies in higher education also poses new challenges for all lecturers. As employees in the NIDIT project, we want to make use of the experience gained in recent years: We want to find out what constitutes "good digital teaching" and explore how lecturers can be better equipped for a digital future, both nationally and internationally. After all, lecturers need a variety of (new) competencies in order to adequately plan and design digital and international university teaching and to implement it in a way that promotes learning. These competencies and their development will be examined in this survey, as well as other factors that are important in the implementation of digital teaching. The aim is to support the continuing education of university teachers and to ensure the quality of teaching in the long term. You as a participant can later receive a personal competence profile, which will be sent to you upon request. On the basis of the competence profile, you and the university didactics staff can jointly plan future continuing education measures and select suitable offers for you. In addition, the range of continuing education measures can be iteratively expanded.

Therefore, we would like to find out more about your perception and assessment of your experience of competence with regard to various aspects of digital and international teaching in this survey. In doing so, you will make an important contribution to quality assurance and enhancement in teaching at your university.

This is about your personal assessment of the questions. It is not a competence competition! If you are unsure about a question, simply tick the statement you would most likely agree with. If you cannot answer a question meaningfully (e.g., not applicable to this event or not possible to answer due to your own absences), please select this corresponding option, if available.


  • Your participation is voluntary.
  • It takes about 15 minutes to fill in.
  • Participation in the study can be terminated at any time without giving reasons. All data will be collected anonymously - if desired - and will not be passed on to third parties.
  • All incoming data will be treated confidentially, which means that each completed questionnaire will be pseudo-anonymized (or non-anonymized after consent) and treated according to the corresponding data protection concept. Any feedback to the teachers will be treated strictly confidential. Future evaluations and project-external feedback will only refer to the entirety of the participants, they will not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individuals.
  • The prerequisite for participation in this survey is your consent to participate in the survey and your agreement with regard to the associated data protection concept and with regard to the further processing of the aggregated and anonymized data within the framework of the project described therein.

Prof. Dr. Malte Schwinger, Philipps-Universität Marburg – 2022