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Welcome to our survey about lucid dreaming!

I am Stephan Weingarten, a master student of psychology from Marburg, Germany. For my master thesis, I want to investigate factors that may affect lucid dreaming. Therefor, I created this questionnaire and would be happy if you would like to participate.


The whole survey will take about 10-20 Minutes, depending on your answers and your speed of operation. However, don’t worry, you may take all the time you need.

All completers have the chance to win one out of three USD 20$ Amazon vouchers (or equivalent to your home country currency). Just drop your email address on the last page and you are in the draw pot.


All data is handled confidently, so your anonymity is given. As soon as the survey is closed, the data is kept separately from your email address. Thus it's not possible to link your email address to the rest of your data.




Kind Regards,

Stephan Weingarten

Email: weingar4@students.uni-marburg.de


Department of psychology, Marburg

Differential Psychology and personality research

Under Guidance of Sofia Tzioridou (sofia.tzioridou@uni-marburg.de)

B.Sc. Stephan Weingarten, Philipps-Universität Marburg – 2019