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-First of all, place the following PHP code on a page in the questionnaire in **Compose Questionnaire** to to prepare the placeholders for the input fields.+Under **Compose questionnaire** (using element "HTML code") or in a text module (display: "HTML code") insert the HTML code for the table:
 <code php> <code php>
Line 49: Line 49:
   </colgroup>   </colgroup>
   <tr>   <tr>
-    <td>from: %ST17%</td> +    <td>from:%input:%ST17%</td> 
-    <td>%ST18%</td> +    <td>%input:%ST18%</td> 
-    <td>to: %ST19%</td> +    <td>to:%input:%ST19%</td> 
-    <td>%ST20%</td>+    <td>%input:%ST20%</td>
     <td>     <td>
 </code> </code>
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