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-   +====== Notes ====== 
 +**Important:​** ''​replace()''​ must be placed before or above the element containing the placeholder. If the placeholder ''​%test%''​ is used e.g. in the text module "​instruction",​ then the command ''​replace('​%test%',​ ...)''​ must be invoked in the questionnaire before/​above the text element. ''​replace()''​ can either be on the same page above the text module or on a previous page in the questionnaire. 
 +**Note:** To allow the ''​replace()''​ function to access a response from the participant (third parameter '''​response'''​),​ the participant must click "​Next",​ __before__ ''​replace()''​ is invoked. As with the function ''​[[:​en:​create:​functions:​value]]'',​ ''​replace(...,​ '​AB01',​ '​response'​)''​ must not be on the same page as question AB01. 
 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
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