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 +====== multiLevelReturn() ======
 +''​**multiLevelReturn**([mixed //​Daten//​])''​
 +Was the user forwarded from a main questionnaire to a subordinated questionnaire through ''​[[:​de:​create:​functions:​multileveldown]]''​ he can return to the main questionnaire through ​ ''​multiLevelReturn()''​ . There //data// can be transported optionally , which can be read in the main questionnaire through ​ ''​[[:​de:​create:​functions:​multilevelresponse]]''​ .
 +If ''​multiLevelReturn()''​ is not used, the user will be forwarded to the main questionnaire automatically after reaching the "last page ". In this case no data is transported. ​
 +Details and examples here: [[:​de:​create:​multilevel#​echtes_multi-level_design|Multi-Level-Design]].
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