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The Economic and Sociopolitical Situation of the Independent Performing Arts in Europe

This questionnaire is addressed exclusively to professionals and organizations of the independent performing arts and it aims to collect data to examine their economic and sociopolitical situation. The data is used to map the organizational field of independent performing arts and to provide a direct Europe-wide overview that creates a basis for comparison concerning distinct national characteristics of independent performing arts infrastructures, social status of artists, funding systems and the role of advocacy organizations.

The gathering and presentation of data will provide information about similarities and differences of Europe’s independent performing arts communities and all results will be accessible to interest groups and advocacy organizations, which in turn can use them to engage in advocacy for better working conditions and the further advancement concerning the status of the artist in their respective countries.

Independent performing arts communities in Europe are manifold and diverse. Their membership reaches from small individual players to large international production houses or festivals. This survey is designed for both and you can take part as an individual person or as an organization. You might be an individual person who represents one or more organizations. In this case, we would like to ask you to fill in one questionnaire for you as an individual person and one for each organization you represent.

Some of the data asked for is sensitive, which is why it is especially important to us to collect all data anonymously. We will not be able to connect the provided data to your name and it will only be used for scientific purposes.

The questionnaire will be online until January 31, 2021.

Answering the questionnaire should take about 15 minutes in total.
Thank you so much for your participation!

M.A. Thomas Fabian Eder, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – 2020