Welcome to the survey of the awareness St. Pauli working group (AK Awareness)

Thanks for your interest in our survey. Please read the following information first.

Who are we?

We are the Awareness St. Pauli working group, an alliance of and for FC St. Pauli fans. It‘s our aim to enlighten, sensitise and offer help about discrimination as well as abusive and unacceptable behaviour in context of the FC St. Pauli and football in general.

Further info about the working group, our acitivities and philosophy are available at our homepage:

What it this survey about?

The survey is about personal experiences with unacceptable behaviour in the broader context of visiting football matches at the FC St. Pauli.

By talking about unacceptable behaviour, we mean actions, which are crossing the personal border of a person. This kind of behaviour can only be defined by this person themself.

Examples for unacceptable behaviour are: sexual assualt oder sexual harassment, discriminatory or degrading behaviour regarding to appearance, skin color, disability, gender, sexual leaning/orientation, backround/origin or age.

Who can take part in the survey?

The survey is for everybody, who is in touch with the football club FC St. Pauli, like supporters, club members, staff of the FC St. Pauli or people who are watching matches at the stadium.

It is irrelevant how often you are a part of the cosmos FC St. Pauli. Once in a lifetime or every weekend – you are warmly welcome to take part in this survey.

Even if you haven´t experienced unacceptable behaviour around the FC St. Pauli, your answers are helpful for us.

Why are we doing this survey?

We want to explore the occurrence of unacceptable behaviour around the FC St. Pauli and how the different groups react to it. Your participation may help us to prevent unacceptable and border crossing behaviour at the FC St Pauli, and create structures for affected people.

The survey is not for science based research work. It should help the working group to develop concrete measures against unacceptable behaviour.

What is happening with my data? (Click here for more information)

Your answers will be saved anonymised and encrypted, therefore no one is able to link your answers to you as a person. No Browser cookies, IP- addresses or anything else will be saved and no one, except the working group, has access to the data.

After the survey is finished, the results will be summarised and published.

The servers used by the provider SoSci Survey GmbH are located in Munich (Germany) and are therefore subject to German and European data protection regulations. All data will be completely deleted from provider's servers one year after the end of the project.