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Hello and welcome to a questionnaire about leadership. By answering this you will help me with my studies and hereby the accomplishment of my Master’s Degree. Thank you in advance for your help.

As a token of appreciation, a lottery will be taking place in which a 50 € voucher of Amazon will be drawn, if you want to participate please enter your mail-address at the end of the survey. Further, the study results can be shared with you. In case you are interested, please enter your mail address at the end and send me a mail to Lukas.Lackinger@students.fh-steyr.at.

Dear responders, in the following, you’ll find expressions and questions to the topic of leadership qualities. Please answer this questionnaire truthfully and to the best of your ability. Please decide spontaneously on one of the given answers and if possible, don’t leave any questions out. If you have the feeling that the given answer possibilities are not reflecting your answer/situation properly, please choose the one which reflects your opinion the closest.

Data protection- and additional information
All answers will be stored without the possibility to connect an individual with them. The questionnaire will be anonymously. Conclusions on which person answered what are not possible, therefore, I ask you to answer truthfully. The study can at all times and without any statement on the reasons be canceled. Although, it would be extremely helpful if you could answer the questionnaire until the end.

Lukas Lackinger, B.A., Fachhochschule Oberösterreich - Campus Steyr – 2021