Please read the information carefully!

Information on the study

In this study, your perception of yourself, your team and your manager will be surveyed. The target group is team members in the context of software product development in Germany.

There is no right and wrong. It is not about how it should be but how you currently experience it. It is only important that you answer as accurately and honestly as possible. Answer spontaneously because spontaneous responses are usually the most appropriate.

The data is collected anonymously. No user data (no IP addresses, no geo-coordinates, etc.) are stored. Only dwell time and time are recorded to control the quality of the data. Components of this test are protected by copyright. More information can be found at the end of the survey.

The survey takes about 10 minutes.

The survey is being collected as part of a doctoral thesis, there is no commercial interest. The results will be published afterwards. Information on this can be found at

Important: If you are not working in the context of software product development or if this study seems familiar to you, please do not participate (again) in order not to falsify the results.

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Thank you for your participation!