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"Dare 2 Do" in Mühlhausen, Germany, 08.03. - 15.03.2020

Do you dare to dream? Yes, we do! That is why we are happy to welcome you to the Youth Exchange “Show me a Future II: Dare 2 Do”. The overall project “Show me a Future II: Dare 2 Dream!” was born out of many of the dominant public narratives in the early 21st century, the impact they have had on perceptions of the future of and in Europe. The intention is to make steps towards both imagining and even creating a brighter future.

The third youth exchange ‘Dare 2 Do’ will invert the previous youth exchange’s approach and look at the present from the point of view of the future, encouraging the participants to ‘reverse engineer’ the solutions to today’s challenges from the vantage point of a year 2050 in which they already have been overcome. Over the course of the eight days, we will cover the areas of ‘identity and community’, ‘politics and governance’ and ‘work and the economy’, building up a comprehensive vision of the future created by the participants that includes concrete steps of activism, education, and problem solving how to get there. The outcomes of this youth exchange will be collected in a booklet.


• 18-30 years old
• Ability to communicate in English (~B2)
• Interest in critical thinking and thinking about solutions
• Interest in Politics, Global Governance, Economics, Group Psychology and Identity

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