You are invited to participate in a research study titled Creativity and Video Games. This study is conducted by the Human-Computer Interaction Research Group from the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

The purpose of this research study is to better understand the way people perform certain tasks and activities during gaming. If you agree to take part in this study, you will be asked to complete an online game and then three short questionnaires. The game and the questionnaires will take you approximately 25 minutes to complete.

You may not directly benefit from this research; however, we hope that your participation in the study may support real-life creative processes.

We are not aware of any risks associated with this research study; however, as with any online related activity, the risk of a breach of confidentiality is always possible. To the best of our ability, your answers in this study will remain confidential.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time. You are free to skip any questions.

By clicking “I agree” below you are indicating that you are at least 18 years old, have read and understood this consent form, and agree to participate in this research study. Please print a copy of this page for your records.