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Dear participants,


The CV (curriculum vitae) is an essential part of any application and contains important facts and information. As part of our master's thesis in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology, we would like to examine how people interpret CVs. We are Annika Herrmann and Meike Petermann, two master's students at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden.

In this study, you will receive a job description for an open position that you will be in charge of filling and the CV of only one fictional applicant, which you are supposed to read carefully. After screening the CV, you will be asked a few questions. Overall, this study will take about 15 minutes. However, this is not about speed, so take your time, and possibly also look up words if you don't understand them. It is recommended to find a quiet spot and moment, so you will not be disturbed while filling out the questionnaire.

Your details will be processed anonymously and can not be traced back to you later on (disclosure to third parties is excluded). Please answer spontaneously and honestly.


Thank you for your participation!

Annika Herrmann & Meike Petermann

For further questions please contact: wop.psychology.lnu@gmail.com, Linnaeus University Växjö (Sweden) – 2018