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Welcome to the international Design Thinking Workshop on the EPICURmap!

EPICUR’s vision of a European University for the future is to create a place where all boundlessly mobile students, doctoral candidates, and staff can acquire a broad, interdisciplinary, academic perspective strongly rooted in European traditions, irrespective of their nationality, mother tongue, cultural or socio-economic background.

To realize that, we are working hard to connect entrepreneurial ecosystems, their stakeholders, and organizations to share knowledge, collaborate on projects and develop innovative solutions for society. 

In line with our vision of becoming one European University strongly anchored in its regions, we are currently developing a platform that helps stakeholders from inside and outside EPICUR universities and regions to find the right contacts and information with no effort.

We, therefore, warmly invite you to participate in our international Design Thinking workshop and help us to design and create a stakeholder-oriented tool, that will be implemented on the EPICUR homepage (https://epicur.education). 

Thank you for your time and participation!

Your EPICUR Team

M.A. Alexander Tittel, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie – 2021