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Knowledge for Change: A decade of Citizen Science (2020-2030) in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We want to start this coming decade with our conference "Knowledge for Change: A decade of Citizen Science (2020-2030) in support of the SDGs" and learn from the Citizen Science projects in Europe,

- If and how you already support the SDGs with your citizen science project?

- If and how you could see the potential for supporting SDGs with your citizen science project? and

- In which field your citizen science project would require assistance to support the SDGs?

Please do not hesitate to respond, even if you feel that you do not yet know everything about the SDGs or that you do not yet contribute much. You can answer most of the questions by ticking boxes and the survey takes no longer than 12 minutes.

If you are involved in more than one project, we would like to ask you to answer the survey for each project.

We will evaluate the results and present the first findings of this survey at the conference (Berlin and online, October 14-15, 2020).

Thank you very much!

The team of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
We are happy to answer all questions regarding the content of the survey. Please contact Dr. Nicola Moczek.

Voluntary participation. Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You are free to skip questions or even cancel your participation at any time during this study.
Anonymity. Your information is anonymous. The publication of the results will not allow any conclusions about your project or yourself.
Data storage. We save the information you provide in a database of the Museum for Natural History exclusively for the purpose of research. We do not forward them to third parties. The SoSciSurvey survey software was developed by and is operated by a German company. The server is in Munich. We have restrictively set all data protection settings. The data is SSL encrypted and the program does not set cookies.
Questions regarding data protection. If you have any questions regarding data protection law (requests for information, correction or subsequent deletion of the data), please contact the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Your contact persons are Stephan Junker (Managing Director, stephan.junker@mfn.berlin; +49 30 / 889140-8798), Prof. Johannes Vogel (General Director, johannes.vogel@mfn.berlin, +49 30 / 889140-8544), and the data protection officer datenschutz@mfn.berlin, +49 30 / 889140-8440.

The guidelines for good research require that the participants in empirical surveys explicitly and comprehensibly agree to the survey.

I hereby confirm that I am at least 18 years old, have been informed about data protection rights, agree to these conditions of participation and would like to take part in the survey.

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