Dear participant,

We would like to invite you to take part in an online survey. The survey aims to evaluate, which complaints and injuries after anal intercourse may occur and which risk factors may play a role.

We would also like to ask you about experiences of forced anal intercourse and any help you may have received thereafter, e.g., by victim support groups. These questions are deliberately formulated in general terms. Details about the incident itself are not asked; you can skip these questions.
If you would like to tell us something about the incident or about the questions in the questionnaire in general, you have the opportunity to do so on the last page of the questionnaire. 

We are aware that this questionnaire asks extremely intimate questions; unfortunately, however, there is not yet enough knowledge about findings that can occur after consensual anal intercourse, nor about findings that can occur after forced, non-consensual anal intercourse. In order to give victims of sexual violence the possibility to make these assaults detectable and verifiable on the basis of their findings, surveys such as the present one are urgently needed.

Thank you very much for your openness and willingness to answer questions about such a personal area of your life.

Before you start filling in the form, we would like to share the following important points to you:

1.      The following form  asks for your experienceas voluntary or involutary passive (i.e. penetrated) partner in anal intercourse.

2.     Answering this questionnaire, which includes 20 questions, will take about 10 minutes.

3.   Participation in the study is voluntary and completely anonymous, your IP-adress will not be saved by the system and your answers will be sent through an encrypted SSL connection. We do not ask for any personal information, which might enable us to identify you. It will not be possible for us to associate any given information with the results of the study.

4.      Please complete the questionnaire only once.

5.   Of course you can interrupt filling out the questionnaire at any time and close the window. In this case, however, data already entered will not be saved (you cannot continue filling in the questionnaire later, and would have to start again from the beginning).

If you agree to participate in the survey, please click "continue" and start the questionnaire.

Thank you for your participation! In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.